AMUPREV (English)

The Municipal Partnerships for the Prevention of Violence in Central America Program (AMUPREV) is a regional initiative funded by the US Agency for International Development  USAID, to implement a program in Central America which focuses on two key objectives: (1) to promote comprehensive municipal-based violence prevention strategies and programs with key Central American stakeholders and foster development of regional peer knowledge networks; and (2) to provide training and technical assistance to local governments and community groups, in coordination with national police efforts and other municipal-based programs.

AMUPREV activities include:

  • Creating and sustaining a portal to disseminate information on and facilitate understanding of the experiences in municipal-led violence prevention that have been implemented in Central America.
  • Promote and strengthen partnerships between municipalities and police in Central America and their counterparts in the United States to share best practices in violence prevention and promote and providing training in community policing principles and practices.
  • Make available to local authorities a toolkit that provides guidance on the development and strengthening of multi-stakeholder municipal-led violence prevention committees/councils.
  • Support the development of videos on successful local government initiatives in crime prevention.
  • Promote the creation of a network of municipalities in the Region with a commitment to crime and violence prevention through national municipal associations and regional organizations such as SICA ( Central American Integration System).